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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jamestown Resources

We're learning about Jamestown and I found this super fun, quick game. Its similar to Oregon Trail (so of course my inner 90's child loves it!). The good news is that my kiddos loved it too!

It's super simple and can be played in about 10 minutes but it is also full of lots of info. 
Today we played as a class. I projected the game onto the board and pulled sticks every time we had to make a decision. My kids loved having the power! 

They are super excited to play by themselves tomorrow and make all of the decisions.
Super fun resource (just don't forget to disable your pop up blocker).   

Here is another fun resource that Donna from Hokie Teach shared.

My kids loved this one too! It has lots of info-- especially about John Smith. :)

What resources to you use when you teach Jamestown/Colonial Times?

And a little funny before I go...

Have you seen this flow chart floating around facebook?!?!? It's too funny! 

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  1. Great website! I teach in Virginia, so we are all about Jamestown! I love this website too:

    Animated snippets, broken up by decision-making questions, plus fun games at the end of each segment.

    Hokie Teach


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