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Thank you so much for stopping by Lattes and Laughter! :)

I'm a 5th grade teacher in California. I love my job and my kiddos who always keep me on my toes. Teaching can be a challenge but it's certainly never boring!

I have been teaching since 2010 and I immensely appreciate all of the wonderful resources and support I have found online -- especially at the beginning of my career. It has been an extra blessing to me because I work at a teeny tiny school and I am the ONLY 5th grade teacher. It is so nice to find other teachers and take a peek into their classrooms.

When I am not at school you'll find me enjoying the lovely California weather, relaxing with friends or grading papers at my favorite Starbucks.

Of course I also spend a lot of time blog stalking. I have had so much fun, and have gained so much knowledge from all of you, that I finally had to start my own.   I hope that you enjoy this little blog! Please feel free to leave me a comment and say hello!


  1. Hi fellow California blogger. I'm a 1st grade teacher near San Diego. I taught 5th 1 year and I am so glad there are teachers like you who like teaching 5th grade! It was the hardest year of my life.
    First Grade by the Sea

  2. Hi there! I am a fifth grade teacher/blogger and have just moved to Seattle - so glad to find a fellow West Coast blogger! :)

    Joy in the Journey


Thank you for stopping by my little corner of blogland! I am so happy that you are here! :)

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