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Friday, February 22, 2013

Five on Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five on Friday Linky (and I'm actually on time this week!). 

1) Tangram Fun! 

We had lots of fun with Laura Candler's Tangram Polygon Exploration freebie. It was really fun to see the kiddos working and thinking with shapes in new ways. The best part was seeing them work together and help each other meet each challenge. 
FREE Tangram Polygon Explorations activity from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources on TpT - includes colorful, printable tangram patterns
I love the paper tangram templates. Such an easy low tech way to create manipulatives. I printed mine on astrobrights paper and laminated. Easy-peezy! 

I also downloaded this fun app for the high tech version. The kids loved this one too! :) 

iPhone Screenshot 1

We have a few more activities with our tangrams next week and while I was searching for ideas on pintrest I found this gem! 

Fun Tangram activities

How fun is that! I'd love to attempt this for a fun snack for my students.....we'll see if it happens....
(The picture links you too a great blog with lots of other great ideas with tangrams, too!) 

2) Yummy Soup
On the home front, I am trying to cook more meals at home. I tried this crock pot soup this week and it was super yummy and super easy! 
It is from If you haven't already, go check it out. So many great recipes on my "to try" list! 

3) Pizza! Pizza! 

Our admin had a pizza party to celebrate the students who improved their benchmark grades. There was lots of extra pizza left over for the's the little things that make this teacher happy! :) 

4) Astrobirghts Everything
I love this paper and cardstock! I even just found sentence strips in astrobright colors t Michale's, Live, love, love! 

5) Cheap, comfy, cute shoes! 
Womensdexflex by DexterWomen's Claire Scrunch Flat
I love these Payless flats. They are the comfiest flats I own....even better than my more expensive pairs. I own four different colors and I think I'm gonna swing for this black and white pair this weekend. So cute! 

Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! 


To Enter: 
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Drawing ends  next Tuesday (Feb. 26th)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks so much for entering! :)

Enjoy your weekend, teacher friends! 


  1. oooo...what a cute sandwich! And those flats are super cute! I can't be


  2. I just might have to check out Payless!!

    (Can you tell that I have shopping on my mind and I read your entire post, but you just gave me a reason to go shopping so I think I will!!!!!)


    (I do love the tangram grilled cheese though- although I would not be a good cutter for that!!)

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. You are craving York while I am craving shoes!! LOL!!! We are a mess! ;O)

    2. Hey Julia,
      Did you know you are a no-reply blogger? That means if you comment on my blog I can't reply by email. So, if you see my comment on YOUR blog in your inbox, you can click reply and then reply to my comment by email. However, I can't reply to you. You have to set that up in your settings. Here is a link to a blog post that tells you how, IF you are interested (which you may not be, and that's totally fine, but I like talking back and forth through email! But you may want to stay away from stalkers like me, which I totally understand!) ;O)

      It's 6 easy steps with pictures! :O)

      Thanks for stopping by our blog!!

  3. I LOVE the tangram grilled cheese - too cute! That would even get ME excited about math :)

    I am a follower and am excited about your giveaway!
    Joy in the Journey

  4. Of course I am a follower. Anyone with Latte as the title must be a friend of mine. Love the tangram grilled cheese. So much fun.
    Sherry Milestones.html

  5. Love the tangram sandwich. We are your newest follower!

  6. I love Astrobright paper as well! It is the best! I also love those flats! I have a Payless gift card that is screaming to be used! :-)


    The Bilingual Teacher

  7. The sandwich is such a great idea! I am a huge fan of the astrobright paper too!! :)
    Ms. Shope's Class

  8. We totally got pizza yesterday at school too! It is the small things that make your day:) I follow your blog! Love Target!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  9. All of your food pictures are making me hungry!! I just got a new iPad this week and am on the hunt for great apps. I will download this one!! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!! We have a Target, but it is about an hour away. This would be a big incentive to go:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  10. The sandwich idea is so cute. Too bad, I don't have little ones anymore. I'm going to check out the shoes, thanks.

    The First Grade Princess

  11. I love Astrobrights paper too. It is expensive but colorful and sturdy. I just started following your blog!
    Literacy Spark

  12. Cute flats! I wear silver glitter flats everyday, it has become my "trademark" with the kids and parents. I am hoping for spring to show up soon so I can pull out the flip flops!



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