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Monday, February 4, 2013

Black History Month & Poetry

I've been blog stalking this evening and drooling over all of the fun stuff everybody picked up in the Super Bowl Sale. It looks like everybody won big (everybody except my bandwagon team! Wah!). 

I loaded up on a bunch of fun stuff too. One of my favorite finds is this gem from Barb at It's About Time Teachers.

I had pinned this a while back and was so happy when I actually got around to purchasing it during the TPT sale. It is packed with so many great activities! I love that I can work it into my ELA block but it also meets social studies standards too. 

Black History Month Poetry Possibilities = 14 poems with lessons and activities.  $
(Click on the picture to buy your own copy

Of course it is perfect since we are just beginning Black History Month, but it is doubly exciting for me because we are also in the middle of our poetry unit! I'm so excited to introduce this pack next week! 

Over the weekend I also found this amazing book and my favorite neighborhood  bookstore. 

I am seriously in love with this book!!! The poems are wonderful and the illustrations are great! Plus it came with a CD with many of the poems read aloud....some by the poet. I love the diverse poets in this book from Langston Hughes to Tupac.  My kids are going to go crazy over this! 

Now I just have to find away to fit it all in....between Valentine's Day, President's Day and midyear assessments. Why are so many things crammed into the shortest month of the year????


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  2. Thanks, Julie! I am heading over now. :)


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