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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reading Response Froms and a FREEBIE

2 more days before I'm back in my little classroom with my favorites....Goodbye break! Goodbye sleeping in! Monday's gonna be rough!

While I am sad to see it go, I am also eager to begin a new year with my kiddos. I've spent the last couple of days getting some lessons together and looking at ALL we still need to cover before May 31st. Kinda crazy how much we still need to do!

I've also been adding a couple of products to my teeny tiny TpT store. I wanted to share (but am a little scared of coming off like a used car dealer!). Bare with me and I promise there will be a  fun freebie at the end!

Up first...
I have been using these graphic organizers and reading respomse sheets in my classroom FOREVER and had them saved in random files all over my computer. I finally took the time to compile my most used forms in one handy-dandy file a couple of months ago.

 I have come up with 20 or so forms that cover a variety of reading skills (i.e. sequencing and main idea) and reading stratagies (i.e. making connections and visualizing). These are skills and strategies that need to be reienforced over and over again and, so, I use these forms all.of. the. time.  The pack also includes several reading repsonse forms (i.e. responding from the point of view of a character.

I use these forms for whole class instruction, with small groups, as homework, etc. My kiddos are super familiar with the forms and can use them independently with very little instruction.

For my own organization in the classroom, I have organized the forms in page protectors in  a binder. (Excuse the glare!)

This makes it super easy to pull for absent students,  leave as a resources for subs, etc. Sometimes I even send my students to the binder to pull a sheet when they have finished an activity early.

Here are some examples of completed forms:

In all the pack contains 20 + activities and it's ready for you to download on TPT for just $3.00.

And now for the FREEBIE!!!

I have compiled a mini pack with several sheets that specifically target the reading strategy of visualizing. All of these sheets are included in Forms For ANY Novel pack but I have bundled these to share with you all for FREE. My kids really L-O-V-E these activities!!! I love them too!

In fact, these are such a favorite in my classroom that I devoted a whole blog post describing how I used one of these forms in detail. Read more about it  HERE. 

 Here are some examples of the sheets found in the FREE PACK.

All of the graphics from both of my products are from My favorite free resource! :)

Well I think that's it! I hope that you found some of this useful and that it didn't sound to sales pitchy! :)

Let me know if you decide to download! I'd love to hear what you all think. :)

Have a fabulous and restful weekend!


  1. The graphic organizers sound great! And thanks for that tidbit about the free clipart! I had no idea!!


    1. Thanks, Amanda! You have to check out Seriously. Whu doesn't love adorable, FREE clipart?!?!? :)

    2. Exactly!! Thanks for visiting our blog! We went back last Wednesday. Glad we could give you a laugh! Good luck tomorrow! :O)

  2. The graphic organizers sound great! And thanks for that tidbit about the free clipart! I had no idea!!



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