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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is Youtube blocked at your School???

Yesterday, I posted about using Edmodo, youtube and other online resources to help get students excited about reading. (You can read that bog post HERE.)  Marcia from Learning is Bliss left me a comment that reminded me that many districts block youtube.

 Did you konw that there is a way to convert youtube videos to Mp4's and save them on your computer or save them on a flash drive?!?!?! Well, there is! I learned about it at the same conference that introduced me to Edmodo. (Obviously it was a pretty AMAZING conference:) ) .

There is an awesome, FREE website called Keep Vid. I am including a picture tutorial below but basically you paste the youtube URL into the Keep Vid website and then it converts it into an MP4 file. It literally takes just a few minutes and then you are able to keep the video. (Just like the name implies!) The only draw back is that there are tons of those tricky ads that look legit parts of the website but are actually just advertisements. Don't click on the ads. Use the tutorial below.

Keep vid will give you a couple of different options to save the file. I have always save mine as an MP4. Works every time! 

I am actually lucky, in that youtube is not blocked at my school, but I still use keep vid for a couple of reasons. Our internet can be really slow at school so this bypasses that whole problem of the video pausing or having to reload the page.  Plus I don't have to worry about the ad or comments on youtube. Once you've saved your video as an MP4 you can also easily use it with power point or other programs. 

Anyway, this little website has come in handy for me. I hope that it is useful to you as well! 

Now I am off to grade papers with one of my very best friends at Strabuck's...chances are we will get very little done but oh well! A little friend time is good for this girls soul.  

Have a wonderful weekend! :) 

PS I officially hit 50 followers. So excited! :) 


  1. YouTube used to be blocked at our school but it was recently unblocked for computers (still blocked on the iPads and iPods). I love KeepVid though :)!

  2. Yes, you tube is blocked at my school, and this is heaven sent!!! Thank you - I can now share videos with my students.

    1. Glad it is helpful! There are so, so many great videos on youtube! :)

  3. yes youtube is blocked at my school and during surfing i found a way to open blocked youtube and watch my Favorite videos and its simply stunning i want to share this site as this is very speedy and very helpful to open blocked youtube at school access youtube at school


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