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Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School & Monday Must Haves

Whew! Just finished my first day of school! Things seemed to go well and I was so happy to meet my sweet new kiddos. I am sure it will be a great year! But boy am I tired after today. All I wanna do is put my feet up and relax. I was doing just that when I stumbled upon this fun little link up. hosted by Blog Hoppin.
First up:  Monday Must Haves...

My Must Haves include....

# 1  My little computer that could!

We've been through a lot and I am afraid that it's on its last legs but I would be lost without it!

#2 Chart paper, chart paper and more chart paper! 
 3M Flip Charts with Bleed-Resistant Paper
Love this stuff! I use it all of the time for anchor charts, class notes and a million other things....

#3 Crayola Markers 

Gotta have something to write on those charts!

#4 Baskets and Containers 
There are just so many, many things to organize and store in a classroom. Between library books, markers, crayons, math manipulatives and the million other "things" in the classroom, I can never have enough baskets, container or bins.

#5 And of course Starbucks!

I love you too, chai latte!!! I wouldn't be my happy, peppy self if I didn't stop at Starbucks EVERY morning! :)

What are your must haves???? I am always on the look out for new teacher finds!

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