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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Sunday! :)

         Happy Sunday, ya'll! I hope you all had a relaxing weekend! 
I was blessed to spend the weekend  with my amazing family! Friday after school we packed up the car and drove to my hometown to sneak in a whole lotta family time. It was the perfect way to finish the first week of the school year.  

Saturday we we had a wonderful time wine tasting in beautiful  Paso Robles, California.

If you're ever out in California and  make it to the Central Coast you have to check out the wineries in Paso Robles. It's about 40 minutes north of where I grew up and there  are SO many great wineries!!!

 I am a true California girl and have been to Napa a number of times-- but Napa has nothing on Paso! I can never decide which I like better, the sweet wine or the sweet people who run the wineries. 

Anyway,  we were lucky enough to tour the vineyards at Sillwaters and also take a blending class. Then the winemakers wife fixed us lunch. I mean seriously, where else do you get that kind of treatment? 

 This morning we headed down to Avila Beach (Only my favorite beach EVER!)  to enjoy the whales that were passing through. 

We didn't end up seeing any whales --but we did see lots of seals, dolphin and starfish. So I'm not complaining!

After our 4 hour drive,  I came home to find I now have 25 followers! A nice end to a fabulous weekend!

Now back to reality...Week #2 is here,,,ready or not!


  1. I visited a winery this weekend and ound a wine I actually liked!!!!

    I'm a new follower!



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