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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently

Happy New Year! 

Let's celebrate with this month's Currently

Listening to Parks & Rec...not going to lie, we've pretty much  had an all day marathon. Oops! But then what are vacations for if not to lounge around?!?!? 

Loving this winter break!  After traveling all over CA to visit family and friends during the first week of break, I am finally back in my cozy little apartment with my kitty and fiancee. Perfect day of relaxing and lounging today..... I <3 you, Winter Break! 

Thinking about my never ending to do list. I spent the first half of my break traveling and you already know that I spent today relaxing away. Tomorrow is all about gettinng things done: lesson planning, grading, grocery shopping, oh my! 

I am not wanting anything at the moment. Feeling blessed and content. 

Needing to do a  loooottt of laundry. Too much laundry!!! 
Ecard laundry breeds while I'm asleep        Should I do laundry or buy more clothes? #ecard

My favorite memory of the break was spending the day with my Mama and Grandma. A little coffee, a little lunch and a whole lotta shopping. Just a few of my favorite things! :) 

Now if you haven't done it all ready...go link up with Farley

I hope you all are enjoying the start to 2014!


  1. Laundry does seem to multiply. I think with my son home from college that is all I've done this break!!

  2. I wish winter break was longer! Monday will be here soon! Good luck with that laundry.

  3. OMG! I laughed so hard at that post that laundry seems to breed while you sleep. I totally agree! So funny. :) I always say I'm going to start keeping up with it.... but it never quite happens. Oh well. Maybe next year?

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  4. Ha ha, I seem to have more laundry when I am back at work then on break. Hope your laundry bunnies stop breeding. :P
    Ms. K1ELL

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